Sunday, March 23, 2014

Equinox 2

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Some of you may be familiar with the life-changing episode our family went through 8 years ago when my wife, Pam, was diagnosed with leukemia (AML). By chance, the diagnosis happened on the first day of spring in 1996, also known as the vernal equinox.

On that day, it was raining outside. The rainwater ran down our window, obscuring a grove of trees. This scene represented for me the emotions of that day. I felt compelled to record the moment and the subsequent print, Equinox, was born (shown above).

After Pam relapsed 2 years later in 2008 and required a bone marrow transplant, we offered the print for sale as a means of helping to offset the devastating medical costs associated with cancer treatment.

This past week marked the passage of 8 years since that awful day. I bought Pam a rose to celebrate her victory over leukemia. After shooting a photo of the celebratory rose, I realized that this image represents a bookend of sorts.

Thankfully, life has pretty much returned to normal for our family and those awful days are now in our lives' rear-view mirror.

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