Monday, December 16, 2013

Painter X3 Essential Training Released

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I'm happy to announce that my newest title, Painter X3 Essential Training course is now live and available for viewing by members. Here is the course description:

Get your creative ideas out of your head and onto your canvas. John Derry, one of the original Corel Painter authors, teaches the tools and techniques that will get beginners up and running with Painter X3 and help old hands harness the best new features.

Learn the basics of painting on a computer, and learn to set up your system (your Painter preferences, tablet and pen, and your palettes) so it works best for you. Then John shows you how to mix and manage color, wield Painter's brushes with maximum control, work with layers and selections, and integrate with that other digital painting powerhouse, Adobe Photoshop. John also covers perspective-guided strokes and the Universal Jitter control for adding analog-like sensitivity to your artwork. Dive in now and get your creative juices flowing.

Topics include:
Working with a pen tablet
Creating, opening, and saving files
Configuring panels and palettes
Controlling and mixing control
Calibrating brushes for maximum stroke quality
Working with jitter brushes
Working with digital watercolor brushes
Selecting with the Lasso and Magic Wand tools
Preserving transparency in layers
Cloning artwork
Comparing Photoshop and Painter
Troubleshooting Painter

If you have X3, I think you'll find this course highly useful!


  1. John --

    Really enjoyed your X3 course. It's right up there with all the other fabulous training that you have on lynda.

    Many thanks for putting it together!

    Cheers from Houston,

    Steve Kobb

  2. I am almost through your X3 course on, and I had to look you up online to thank you! I enjoy your teaching style and although I have used and liked Painter for years, all the tips and inside knowledge are making me enjoy it even more. Many thanks!