Friday, May 11, 2012

John's Smart Brushes for Corel Painter Now Available

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I am pleased to announce the release of John's Smart Brushes for Corel Painter X • 11 • 12 • X3.

I have never been happy with the auto-painting results generated by Painter's Smart Stroke Brushes brush category. As a result, I created John's Smart Brushes, a set of brushes to be used in conjunction with the Auto-Painting palette in Painter X, 11, 12, & X3.

Literally hundreds of hours of testing went into John's Smart Brushes. The result is a set of 15 brushes that provide a variety of interpretation possibilities. The brushes are: Dry Brush, Fresco, Impasto Oil, Impressionable, Leroy (after Leroy Neiman), Loaded Knife, Mr Goodbrush, Random Stab, Smart Bristle, Smart Chalk, Smart Dab, Smart Gouache, Smart Oil, Soft Impression, and Waterbrush.

Painter's cloning brushes typically apply multiple colors along a stroke based on the locally sampled underlying imagery. I've done a bit of trickery enabling John's Smart Strokes to paint with the initially sampled color only. The result is a more authentic painted appearance.

A photograph is typically used as a source image. The resulting interpretation can be used as either final art or a starting point for further embellishment—the choice is yours.

John's Smart Brushes come with installation videos for the different versions of Painter, as well as a tutorial video to help you get the most out of these interpretive brushes.

John's Smart Brushes are $24.95. You can purchase them using the PayPal link below. Major credit cards are accepted if you don't have a PayPal account.


  1. Thank you so very much for your new Corel Painter Smart brushes, they are fabulous and fun to work with!

    Here's a link to my first painting.

  2. Cheers John,

    Many thanks for your latest John's Smart Brushes set and the excellent instructional movie, great tips! I've a lot of catching up to do re Painter 12 but so far it all looks slicker :-)))and your brushes well worth it too. Thanks for changing my website URL.

    Pauline Black

  3. Nice work John! Easy & fast to buy, download, install, and use....excellent supporting info for how to install and use. Nice new brushes that work well.

  4. Are they painter x3 compatible ?

    1. Yes, fact, your query just got me to update the text to reflect X3 compatibility. Thanks!

  5. I used John's drips and splats a number of years ago on painter X and was able to use a variety of colors. I upgraded my computer to Mac OSX and am now only able to use them in gray. not colors.
    Is this a problem with upgrade, or my mismanagement? Can someone help me with this issue?

    1. Are you using the Secondary Color (not the Primary Color) to adjust to the desired color? Adjusting the Primary Color will have no effect on the Drips and Splats nozzles.