Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is Pressure Sensitivity Coming to Tablet Devices Soon?

Click image to jaja Kickstarter page.

Brisbane-based Australian inventor Jon Atherton has developed a unique approach to enabling pressure-sensitive input for tablet devices like the iPad.

The jaja is a stylus that uses high-frequency sound to interpret 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity which is delivered to the tablet via its built-in microphone. The frequency of the low-volume sound used is above the range of human hearing. This approach bypasses the need for standardized protocols like Bluetooth.

The jaja will utilize an SDK available to developers for implementing the jaja's input into their apps. Expected price when available is $70.

I sure hope this Kickstarter project becomes a reality!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Think You Have Good Color-matching Chops?

Click image to test your color-matching skills

Design website Method of Action has put together a great tool, Color, for assessing your color-matching skills. Increasingly complex matching problem are presented in a time-limited fashion, forcing you to make quick decisions. Your given a score based on your selections (and an opportunity to try again).

Good Luck!

Mark Zimmer: The Relativistic Observer

Click image to visit the Relativistic Observer blog

My brother-in-pixels and good friend, Painter creator Mark Zimmer, has recently launched a blog, the Relativistic Observer. With his terrific insight, Mark covers a wide variety of subjects:
The future, technology, gadgets, MEMS, Painter, creativity, energy, world events, security, cryptography, image processing, mathematics, and my past. Oh, and maybe a few songs.
Mark is an inveterate note taker (a page of Mark's notes is shown above) and shares many of his insights, including the creation of Painter, which I was fortunate to be a part of. He also writes about his musical composition chops and shares some of his songs.

A good read and highly recommended.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

John Derry featured on

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I'm honored to be currently profiled on Adobe's This privilege gives me the opportunity to showcase my recent work. Via an interview, I detail my working methodology, as well as offer a downloadable set of free sample artists' brushes for Photoshop CS5.