Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keep Your Heads inside the Window!

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As a part of prepping my upcoming title, Transforming a Photograph into a Painting with Adobe Photoshop, I did a test painting to isolate a few of the techniques and come up with the best way to describe them.

The photo came from my iphone 4, then into CS5 for the expressive interpretation into a painting. For my brushes, I used a set that is to be included with the title.


  1. Beautiful... I can't wait to buy this tutorial video :)

  2. I enjoyed your "Photoshop CS5: Painting with the Mixer Brush" tutorial very much. When will your "Transforming a Photography into a Painting with Adobe Photoshop" tutorial be avaiable?

  3. The title is currently in the hands of the video editors. I expect release to be in the October-December timeframe.

  4. John - your "Transforming a Photo Into A Painting With Photoshop Adobe Photoshop" tutorial was posted on today -- way ahead of the October-December timeframe that you mentioned earlier. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and abilities. What you have done is deeply appreciated!