Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paintmap: Innovative Geolocation-oriented Painting Sharing Website

Paintmap is a website that corrolates a painting with the location it was created on a Google map. The project appears to still be in its infancy, but show a lot of potential. As the database of submitted artwork grows, Paintmap could easily become a great site for browsing paintings by both location and the artwork.

From the website:
Paintmap is a geolocation-oriented painting sharing website with the following goals: on one hand, it allows painters all around the World to locate physically the subject painted by others and learn about the artistic activity at a given area. On the other hand, Paintmap allows Google Earth users to complement the physical and photographic knowledge of a given area with the artistic descriptions provided by users. Last but not least, Paintmap will contribute to the capture of our nature and human heritage through the artistic work of users as a record for future generations.

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