Thursday, November 4, 2010

Map Photoshop CS5 Functions to the Wacom Intuos4 Control Surface

Click to download PDF

I've put together a PDF file that details my setup for mapping Photoshop CS5 functionality to the Wacom Intuos4 control surface. The settings primarily focus on maximizing control of the Mixer Brush, as well as shortcuts for Photoshop's color selection tools.

For example, you can use the pen's barrel buttons to switch the Mixer Brush between opaque and blender behavior, as well as load your brush with multiple colors. You can set up the ExpressKeys to display the HUD Color Picker with a single button press. You can set up the Touch Ring to scroll back and forth through history—hey, let's go back to the future!

You may not want to use all of my settings, but they will act as a good starting point to evolve your own preferred workspace. You can download my CS5/Intuos4 PDF using the link below:

Intuos4 Mapping_PS_CS5.pdf


  1. Thanks very much! I will buy your PS brushes as soon as I can afford the PS5.

  2. Now THIS is finally why I like my new Intuos 4! Wasn't sure for a while, but this makes a huge difference! Thanks so much John!

  3. I'm a bit confused as to how one should map the Right Click function on the Intuos4 express keys (PC). The modifier popup screen only has a ticker option for a general click... Is there something I'm overlooking?

    - Azure

  4. On Windows, a mouse right-click can be replaced with the SHIFT + F10 key combination. There are limitations to using this replacement, though, as some PS keyboard mappings may require the SHIFT key, which negates applying the SHIFT + F10 key combination as a shortcut.

  5. John,

    Just found this. Very nice.
    Since it is possible now to use the restore function to load settings automatically for the Intuos4 maybe you could share the settings file.

    Your Artists' Brushes are wonderful. Thanks !

  6. I made a right handed version with John's settings.
    You can download it here:
    Use the restore function in the Wacom Tablet Utility program to load these settings.