Friday, October 1, 2010

John's Dry Media User: Laura Bolter

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Kansas-based artist/illustrator Laura Bolter writes, "I bought some cool, new brushes for Photoshop from John Derry (one of the original authors of Corel Painter), and I've been trying them out on some projects for 123Print.

I'm liking them very much! The Photoshop brushes make Photoshop behave much like Painter, which simplifies my workflow considerably. Everything I do in Painter I have to bring into Photoshop anyway, so now I can do it all in one place."

You can read Laura's complete post—and see more of her work—at her blog, Curly's Queue

John's Dry Media for Photoshop CS5 are now available for purchase at $19.95. Enjoy chalk and pastels without the dust!

John's Dry Media for Adobe Photoshop CS5

If you have an image created using John's Dry Media, send me a JPEG and I'll feature it here on the PixlBlog!


  1. hi John,
    Is there a specific reason that the CS5 brushes (both sets) can only be loaded as presets with the Mixer Brush active?
    thanks, and best,
    John Stevenson

  2. Hi John (is there an echo in here?!):

    Actually, there is no reason. At the bottom of the Tool Presets panel, uncheck "Current Tool Only" and the brush sets will be visible when any tool is current.

    I hope this helps!


  3. greetings papal John!
    That little toggle is really only a classifier for the Presets. (All of your Presets remain good for the Mixer Brush only.) My original interest was to understand how to "capture" one set of parameters from any single Preset and transfer them to a different Tool ... And I was intrigued as to why you had not done that - essentially to offer a collection of Tools for (say) dry media work in the Brush, Pencil and Mixer Brush "bins".
    I hope this is clearer.

  4. Hi John:

    in order to create many of the specific behaviors I incorporate into my brushes, I utilize features unique to the Mixer Brush. Because of this, the end result must be a Mixer Brush tool preset. As a result, there is no way to transfer Mixer Brush features to, say, the Pencil Tool.