Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photoshop CS5 Clone Painting Class Offered

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Photoshop and Painter author and guru Tim Shelbourne is offering a Photoshop CS5 class, Clone Painting with the Mixer Brush: FROM START TO FINISH! Tim describes his approach, "Within the course itself I’m going to be revealing an entirely new method of cloning with the Mixer Brush in CS5 which gives far more realistic results in terms of natural media, and makes the whole process much more intuitive and effective."

I've described Tim and myself as brothers separated at birth—we independently arrived at a unique feature of CS5 during its beta testing phase that enables the concept of a cloning layer. This technique is highly useful when combined with CS5's new Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips for interpreting a photographic source into a natural-media result.

Tim's class begins next Monday, September 27th. Tim is limiting this class to 30 students and there are only a few seats left. Once the course starts, enrollment won’t be possible. The price for the whole course, including Tim's on-going support is £90 ($139 USD). You can enroll for the class at Tim's CS5 School. You’ll need to register for a new account before you can enroll.

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