Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Uncle Russell Wants You

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This is an image Russell Brown and I collaborated on for an as-of-yet unreleased t-shirt. I utilized John's Artists' Brushes for Adobe Photoshop CS5 to paint Russell's portrait in the style of famed illustrator James Montgomery Flagg (the body is the original Flagg art). Russ was planning on having the shirts for this past Photoshopworld, but got bogged down with other Photoshop CS5 pre-release activities.

Question: Is there interest in an Uncle Russell Wants You t-shirt?


  1. Oh my Gawd! After spending a week in the Hawaii rain forest with this crazed maniac I thought I was having flashbacks! John, Russell Brown and I had so much fun at my workshop on Maui last week. We might ask for your help next year.
    ~randy jay braun

  2. Hi Randy:

    I'll beef up my Hawaiian shirt collection in anticipation!