Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photoshop CS5 Sneak Peek: Dueling Paint

I've put together a quick video that simultaneously demonstrates Photoshop CS5's painting capabilities as both a "from scratch" tool and photo interpretation tool. Which one is faster? Watch to find out!

Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be previewed on April 12th.


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  2. John,
    One thing that I have not seen demoed is the ability to rotate the canvas interactively as you can with Painter. Is there as way to do that?

    Corel has just sent me an upgrade offer that is tempting but Painter 11 has had some issues and the Photoshop painting tools have not yet seemed as intuitive as those in Painter.

  3. Photoshop has had a canvas rotation feature starting with CS4. One nicety of the Photoshop Rotate Tool is that this function can be assigned to the Touch Ring on the Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Painter cannot currently do this.

  4. John,
    Thanks for answering that question. I skipped CS4 but I'm very anxious to get CS5 for Snow Leopard and now for the painting functions.

  5. The painting from scratch is better than the other one !
    Congratulations !