Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Corel Painter 11 Service Patch Now Available

Corel has released a service patch update for users of Painter 11. Service Pack 1 is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Service Pack 1 offers enhancement in the following areas:

Improved on-screen transformations when using the Transformations tool.
Enhanced rendering when applying transformations, which produces a better preview of the final transformed content.
Transforming layer content that is larger than, or outside, the canvas is no longer clipped to the edge of the canvas. Residual effect of an anti-aliased edge is no longer left on-screen after making a selection. Undoing a transformation works as expected.
Residual artifacts do not remain on-screen.

Copying and Pasting
Improved copying and pasting from other applications.
Copying text into Painter works as expected.

Selecting the eraser, resizing it, and then switching to the original brush, maintains both the brush and the eraser size.

Color Management
When color management is enabled, colors display as expected when displaying documents on a second monitor.
User-installed color profiles that are stored within the user folder appear as expected in the Painter color management settings.
Opening files without color management, or with color management disabled, will now appear unmodified.
An image’s color profile is maintained when the image is cloned.
Painter no longer crashes when opening a JPEG with an embedded CMYK profile.

When idling, CPU usage is reduced.
Painter is more responsive within a Windows Vista 64-bit environment.
When resizing a brush to a larger brush size, minimal memory errors should occur.
The Open Document dialog box within Mac OSX10.5 and Mac OSX10.6 displays correctly.
Paperselector is available. You no longer need to open a document to access it.

Smart-stroke painting system is reset when re-starting to allow multiple auto-painting attempts.
If the smart-stroke painting system is stopped and then re-started, it starts from the beginning, instead of starting where the previous image was stopped.
If the smart-stroke painting system is stopped and then you open a second image for painting, the new painting starts from the beginning, instead of starting where the previous image was stopped.
Clone color can be turned off, which allows the auto-painting to paint with its own color.

Color Wheel / Mixer
Resizing Color Wheel and Mixer palettes appear within their own palettes, which will allow you to resize them separately.

You can download Service Pack 1 here:

Corel Painter 11 Service Patch Download Page

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  1. Thanks for this post. Downloaded and installed the patch.