Friday, January 29, 2010

Corel Painter 11: Mastering Brushes Now Available

Corel Painter 11: Mastering Brushes, now available on, takes a deep look into the variety of mark-making tools found within Corel Painter 11.

Through a comprehensive demonstration of different brushes, I'll show you how to adjust multiple variants to achieve desired results. Just like an artist who holds a paintbrush or piece of chalk at a particular angle to create a specific mark, I demonstrate with both live action and within the application how to modify brush variants for maximum expressive impact. From bristle media to ink media, watercolor to utility media, I explain how to get the most out of this drawing and painting application. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
Comparing real-world brush behavior with brushes in Painter
Saving a brush variant for future use
Using loaded brushes
Using sponges and modifying captured dabs
Drawing with pastels and chalk
Painting with the traditional watercolor brushes
Packaging brushes for distribution

You can preview this course by visiting the Mastering Brushes title page. The video segments that are underlined are viewable for free.

There is an accompanying blog entry on the site that covers a bit of the making of this title, as well.

A Big Thanks goes out to my producer, Nick Brazzi, author relations manager Megan O. Read, queen of production Tanya Staples, and all the fine folks at!

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  1. As a regular user of training videos, most of which are excellent and rich, especially in the Photoshop section, I was sorry to find so litlle material available in Painter.
    So when I saw the latest training on brushes by John Derry, I got into it as into a cookie jar because John Derry has a great way of conveying his knowlege.

    As users of Painter learn to leave out the unessential from a photo they are working on so as to make it more painterly, so John knows how to leave the secondary out of the picture for our better and quicker understanding. I have noticed over the weeks that what I learn from John tends to burn itself in my memory more efficiently than other lessons. This session on brushes is no exception.

    The other good news is I feel more specialized sessions on Painter are on their way, for our great satisfaction.

    Thank you John !

    Andre Hote -