Saturday, December 19, 2009

Painter 11: Mastering Brushes Finishes Production

Production on my new title, Painter 11: Mastering Brushes, finished up yesterday after a day-and-a-half of live action shooting on the LDC soundstage. We recorded introductions for the 5 media chapters: bristle media, dry media, watercolor media, ink media, and utility media. In each introduction, I demonstrate qualities of the traditional forms of these media and talk about how Painter emulates each.

Here is the title breakdown:

1. Brush Engine Terminology: A Vocabulary of Terms Used in the Brush Controls
2. Two Methods of Control: Brush Controls Palette vs. the Brush Creator
3. Bristle Media
4. Utility Media
5. Dry Media
6. Ink Media
7. Watercolor Media
8. An Approach to Expressive Brush Design
9. Brush Library Organization: Personalized Customization

Painter 11: Mastering Brushes should be out in the February/March time frame. A big thanks to title producer Nick Brazzi, and live production team Jason, Loren, and Andrew.

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