Thursday, December 3, 2009 Painter Brushes Title in Progress

I'm currently in the midst of preparing my upcoming Corel Painter 11: Mastering Brushes title. Below is an outline of the chapters:

1. Brush Engine Terminology: A Vocabulary of Terms Used in the Brush Controls
2. Two Methods of Control: Brush Controls Palette vs. the Brush Creator
3. Bristle Media
4. Utility Media
5. Dry Media
6. Ink Media
7. Watercolor Media
8. An Approach to Expressive Brush Design
9. Brush Library Organization: Personalized Customization
10. The Journey of Personal Expression: Painter's Brushes in Practice

We'll be introducing each of the media chapters with a live segment that takes a look at its traditional counterpart. I'll be heading to Ventura, CA December 12 to record.

In a related note, I came across artist Brad Teare's excellent new blog, Thick Paint. Brad is a successful illustrator-turned-painter who has delved deep into impasto-style oil painting. He's using his blog to post his observations on thick paint as a style, and includes some very nice instructional video, as well.

Below is a recent entry:

I'll be watching Brad's blog; it looks to be a highly informative source of information!

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