Saturday, October 3, 2009

John's Watercolors: Gel Eraser Fix

During Friday's All Thinga Painter webinar, I explained how John's Watercolors' Gel Eraser brush was inadvertently save and distributed with a less-than-optimal setting. The Gel Eraser—as distributed—only erases the brush strokes on a layer, but not the layer transparency. In order to effectively erase both the layer color and reveal any underlying imagery, an adjustment must be made.

1. In the Brush Selector Bar, select the Gel Eraser.
2. Open the Window > Brush Controls > General palette.
3. Change the Subcategory pulldown menu from Soft Painter Remover to Soft Paper Color.
4. In the Brush Selector Bar's Options flyout menu, select Set Default Variant.

That's it. The Gel Eraser will now erase both color and transparency from a layer, revealing any underlying imagery.

John's Watercolors have been updated to reflect this change. New purchases will contain the correct version of the Gel Eraser.

John's Watercolors are $35. You can purchase these brushes by clicking the PayPal "Buy Now" button below. If you don't have a PayPal account, an option to pay via credit card is offered as well.

If you've been frustrated trying to master digital watercolors, John's Watercolors for Painter are the answer!

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