Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Things Painter Webinar: Intro to Portraiture this Friday, October 23

The All Things Painter Introduction to Portraiture webinar is this Friday, so there's a limited time left to sign up. If you are shooting photographic portraits of friends, family, or as a business—then this webinar is for you. Expressive photographic interpretation elevates a photograph to a unique hand-wrought artwork. This webinar will introduce you to the interpretive process by watching over the artist's shoulder as I transform a photographic portrait into a painted result. I'll explain the key concepts involved. as well as demonstrate various time-reducing shortcuts.

I've created hundreds of expressive interpretations for professional portrait studios around the country. In this webinar, I'll detail—from start-to-finish—my process of transforming a photographic portrait into an expressive painted artwork.

Whether you sign up for the webinar or not, you may be interested in a two-part column I wrote for AfterCapture magazine on the subject of expressive portrait interpretation. You can download these two articles as PDF files here:

Portrait Enhancement, Part 1
Portrait Enhancement, Part 2

A one-hour demonstration won't turn you into an expressive portrait master, but it will provide you with an organized basis for diving into this exciting and rewarding artform. In addition, we'll have a 10-minute Q&A following the demonstration. A video of the webinar will be available to attendees following the live presentation.

After the Q&A, an attendee's name will be drawn at random. The winner will receive a copy of my lynda.com Painter 11 Essentials DVD.

If you've wanted to give portraiture a try, but haven't known where to start, then this webinar is for you!

The Introduction to Portraiture webinar is this Friday, October 23. Here is the time for various time zones:

11:30 AM PDT
12:30 PM MDT
1:30 PM CDT
2:30 PM EDT
7:30 PM • UK
8:30 PM • Rome

Registration has closed.


  1. Thank you John,

    Your presentation was very informative.

    It kind of gives me a roadmap to use while working.

    I have been getting to know Painter for over a year now, but have yet to do any work for clients Watching you work on an image takes the fear out of it.

  2. Again, I missed the presentation due to the time frame... my kids get out of school at the Pacific time listed, and I'm on the east coast. So, I will wait for the video. Will it take long? I really wish I could sit in on one live. Best wishes, Rose

  3. I should have available by next Friday. Gotta edit it first!

  4. Thanks John, got it and watched it... great one as always... these really bring me so much joy! Keep on painting. Love the webinars, they are so worth it! Have a great weekend! Rose