Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Painter 11 Essential Training Due Out Next Week

My Painter 11 Essential Training title is due out next week at Painter 11 Essential Training will initially be available at the website via subscription. The title will be available a few weeks later on DVD.

Here is the chapter list:

1. Painting on the Computer
2. File Basics
3. Painter's Interface
4. Color Your World
5. The Wacom Tablet: A Must-Have Item
6. Selections
7. Layers
8. The Brush Creator
9. Brush Mechanics
10. The Image Hose
11. Painting from Scratch
12. Painting with a Photograph
13. The Photo-Painting Palettes
14. Non-destructive Layer Painting
15. Effects
16. Animation: Let's Make Movies!
17. Painter and Photoshop
18. Customizing Painter
19. Working with a Safety Net
20. When Things Go Wrong

Running time is 9 hours.

I'll post when the title is released.

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