Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 Painter Workshops: Florida

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be teaching my Dip a Paintbrush into your Photographs Painter X workshop at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in 2009. Here is a description of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre:

The mastery of digital imaging concepts and technology is essential for anyone working within the photographic arts today. With the explosive growth of digital photography, photographers have a critical need to become proficient in digital imaging. Foreseeing the need for training in digital imaging technology, the Palm Beach Photographic Centre began digital imaging workshops 14 years ago with Photoshop™ 2.0 – the first photographic workshop program to do so. Our workshops are taught by world-renowned artists as well as industry professionals. Software taught includes Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Premier® and Corel Painter™.

Digital workshops are limited to ten participants, each having access to their own high-performance Macintosh‚ and PC Windows-based imaging workstation. Participants may specify their preference when registering for a workshop.

Dip a Paintbrush into your Photographs workshop Description:

The focus of this workshop is learning how to transform your photographs into painted artworks. One of the common mistakes made in beginning expressive interpretation is the failure to convincingly replace the vocabulary of photography with that of painting. We will initially focus on these vocabularies and gain an understanding of their differences. We’ll look at the preparation of photographs for interpretation using Adobe Photoshop, then investigate Painter’s expressive brushes as applied to photographic source imagery. You will work on your own images, transforming them into personal expressive artworks. Be prepared for an exciting and inspiring week with John as you immerse yourself in a creative odyssey of expressive exploration!

This is a 5-day immersive workshop and is being offered on two dates: Feb 9-13, 2009 and Oct 19-23, 2009. Pricing is $975.00 for Members and $1045.00 for Non-Members. Full travel, lodging, and registration information is available via the workshop webpage.

See you there!


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