Friday, May 9, 2008

Painter X Essential Training with John Derry

I'm pleased to announce the availability of my new Painter X Training title. Here is the promotional blurb from lynda:

Painter X Essential Training with John Derry

"Expressive brushes." This is instructor John Derry's two-word answer as to why Painter is such an effective tool. When used with a Wacom tablet, Painter can elevate digital mark-making to a form of creative self-expression. Combining the aesthetics of traditional media with the freedom to experiment, Painter X Essential Training not only delves into each tool, palette, material, and brush, it also speaks to the artistic concepts of simplicity, stroke, proportion, and perspective. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

Understanding and customizing a Wacom table

Creating brushes

Painting with compositional aids

Working with layers

Cloning and using effects

Using Painter and Photoshop effectively

This is the first of multiple Painter titles I'll be doing in conjunction with

On the "Life Happens" front—Pam is now in remission after 2 rounds of chemo and is scheduled for her bone marrow transplant in June. We are currently in the process of moving to Omaha. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. I hope everything goes well for you and your wife, John. I came to your website because I had just finished your Painter X course and I loved it. I wanted to see some more of your beautiful artwork and see if you were teaching any seminars close to me this year, and then I started reading your blog. sigh. A couple of years ago my Mom came down with bulbar palsy, which is a form of Lou Gehrig's where the paralysis starts in your throat and lungs instead of your extremities. In 8 months she was gone. I had just discovered Painter, and one of my best memories is that she got to see some of my printed art. She loved that. She never understood my science work or what I did in college or in my profession, but she loved my paintings. She couldn't talk or eat because of her sickness, but her eyes would light up woth joy when she saw my paintings. I've lived in Omaha and Council Bluffs and they have excellant medical care there. I wish you lots of luck and peace in your trying times. Painter really helped me escape into my own little creative world during some very trying times. Oh! Do you have time for a quick question that is driving me nuts? How do you import vector artwork created in Illustrator CS3 into Painter 10? Tanya had a chapter on that subject in your Painter 9 course with her, but it doesn't work in CS3 and Painter 10. Anything I copy to the clipboard comes into Painter 10 as a raster image, and if I save the Illustrator file as an ai file or an EPS file and try the "aquire from Adobe Illustrator command" in Painter I get a message something like... "can't open because this file doesn't have a bounding box..." Thanks, and again, good luck and my prayers are with you.

  2. Hi Griffin:

    You can use the Acquire command (File menu) in Painter X to import an Illustrator file—as long as it's been saved in the Illustrator 3 format. This option is available in CS3 during the Save As command. I believe the document type also has to be created in Illustrator's "Simple RGB" format.

    Thanks for you thoughtful comments!


  3. John I have been thinking of you and your wife. I am sending as many good vibes your way as I can. May the universe smile on you at this time.

  4. John....I'm a voice from your past, not sure you'll remember but I have been following your journey with Pam. I have been keeping you in my prayers. In the years since we've talked, I've been through cancer also and have been free for almost 10 yers now. Prayers work.
    My children have grown up to be marvelous people, you're like them. I live in JoCo Kansas now & have for about 18 years. Take care John, I'll be following you and praying for Pam.

  5. Hello John, congrats on the release of your latest tutorial CD.
    I happened to have same problem as griffin, I can't acquire AI file, it's greyed out, I try other formats too. eps seems to be working, at least it's not grey, then the files open, but there's no path, just blank screen, btw I'm using AI CS3 and I have try to export them in many different previous AI and EPS format
    and RGB color mode, thanks in advance :P

  6. Oops! Sorry, I'm not reading carefully, I try the v3.0 japanese version, and it's working.. thank you John!