Monday, January 8, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

I've been contemplating starting a blog for a while. So, as a New Year's resolution, I've made the plunge. I will be using this space to provide tips, techniques, tutorials, interesting news...whatever seems appropriate for Corel Painter users in particular, and digital artists in general.

It'll probably take me awhile to get up to speed, but I intend to publish here regularly. I welcome all comments, suggestions, etc.

I hope you'll stop by occasionally to see what's new.

Viva la Painter!



  1. John, I am looking forward to checking in often to see what new words of wisdom you have. You always teach me something.

  2. John, Love your article in AC and your blog. QUESTION:When is Corel or someone else coming out with their own publication ... like Photoshop User???

  3. Hi Dean: That's a good question. I certainly for one would love to see a Painter-centric publication. The reality is that Photoshop is a huge market compared to Painter. Publishers won't do a magazine without a large enough potential audience. You never know, though!


  4. Hi John

    I think your blog is a great idea. I'll check it daily.

    Another idea for Painter or specifically John, would be a Podcast like Photoshop TV. Or...NAPP could invite you to demo etc, on their podcast. Great exposure for Painter and much deserved exposre for you.

    Thanks for your sharing your gifts.

    Jackie Jacobson