Friday, January 26, 2007

Nashville Expressive Photographic Interpretation Workshop - March 12-15

Join me for an Expressive Photographic Interpretation workshop in Nashville, Tennesse this March 12-15. Expressive Photographic Interpretation is a creative tool for adding a personalized hand-wrought sensibility to your images. The workshop introduces photographers and artists to this process, providing the basis for implementing a lucrative product niche into a studio's product offerings.

The workshop will be divided into two 2-day sessions: Introductory and In-Depth. Take the one that suits your level, or take both for full immersion in the Expressive Photographic Interpretation process.

The Introductory session will guide you through the process of combining Adobe®Photoshop® and Corel® Painter™ to transform photographs into painted results. I'll simplifies things by demonstrating and teaching the specific tools and principles required for the job. Utilizing exploration-encouraging Safety Net techniques, the class will learn by working along with me on the same image. In two days you'll be transforming photographs into works of art!

In the In-Depth session, using either the concepts learned in the Introductory session or your own advanced Photoshop and Painter skills, you'll apply expressive painting techniques to your own photographs. Areas of focus will include image preparation in Photoshop, digital lighting-enhancement techniques, and emphasis of the the subject's face. I'll be using students' work-in-progress to demonstrate specific technical and creative solutions to the class.

Tuition for either of the 2-Day sessions is $350. Or take both for $600!

For more information and registration, you can visit the Nashville Workshop webpage.

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